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Claire Osborne, ICF Coach
I spent 15 years on the treadmill, winning awards for my creative work & making millions. But the millions were for big business & the creative wasn’t true to me. So what was it all for?

That was the question I asked myself every day, as I worked myself to the bone to be great at a job I didn’t love. My self esteem being eroded with every day that went past that I ran to keep up with a purpose I didn’t buy into & without me taking any steps toward a purpose I did. 

So, I ran in the opposite direction. I quit my job to dive into expensive training & start again at the bottom of a fun, but poorly paid, career. Only then did I have the sinking realisation it wasn’t right for me. It was like the rug was pulled from under me. Suddenly, I had no job & no direction, & I felt more lost than ever.


So I took the time to properly understand what I wanted from my future, & actively design a life that invigorates me every day, where my work completely fits with who I am as a person, with enough creativity, impact and connection to feel nourished & energised in equal measure.

Today I work less, earn more &, more importantly, enjoy every moment. Work & life are in balance, generating energy rather than draining it. I’ve built my own business by understanding what motivates me, seeking absolute clarity on my direction & using that to power decisive action. 


I'm here to help you do the same.

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I help creative experts like you to design your direction, with your personal & professional exploits in balance. The icing on the cake is the astounding things those people go on to create.