Create the world you want to see

Design your Direction & get off the treadmill

What if there were a simple way to have work & life in a balance that energises you?

A science-led, yet spiritual approach to quickly crystallising your direction & a design-led approach to smoothly transitioning to work & life in balance?

Freedom, impact & creativity that’s true to you?

Exhausted & on the treadmill?


If you’re like most people when we first meet, you’re great at surprising & delighting. You’re an expert at creative delivery, but you’re exhausted. 


Because that’s how great careers are built, right? By constantly exceeding expectations!


So you’re working hard but there’s a constant nagging question about what it’s for, you’ve had enough successes to know that another award, contract or client is not what you’re looking for.


You know you want to do something else but don't know what. You feel stuck & time is slipping through your fingers. With every day that goes past you feel more disillusioned, more frustrated & more hopeless. 

Questions over where you're going & how you're spending your time drag you down day to day. It makes it harder to do the day job. Before you know it, not only have you not moved forward, you find what you’re doing now is slipping & stagnating.

I know what that’s like, I spent 15 years winning awards for my creative work, been interviewed on every major channel & publication in the UK & had just seen the business I led grow by £19m, But it was just numbers on a spreadsheet and superficial success. Nothing I was doing was helping to bring about the world I wanted to live in.


Yet still I worked every hour god sent, robbing my life & relationships of the time and attention they deserved.


Can you relate?

Let me ask - what are you sacrificing so you can exceed other peoples’ expectations?

Lost & Directionless?


So you may be lost, looking everywhere to find a clue. Considering all sorts of directions, enterprises or expensive training courses without a clue where they will take you.


At some point, this becomes too much & many people I speak to ‘break’, some life event happens which pushes them to a choice. To reconsider what's important in life.


Have you fully considered how close you are to breaking??


So what do you do next? 

Quit your job and dive into that career you’ve always been dreaming of? It’s a big jump to make and what if you discover it isn't what it was cracked up to be, and there you are, without your old career and without a clue where to go next?

That's what I did. I quit my well-paid, well-respected job & signed up to expensive retraining so I could start again at the bottom of a new & poorly paid career. I'll never forget the moment I realised it wasn't the right direction. It was like the rug was pulled out from under me. Suddenly I had no job & no direction, & I was more lost than ever

Could this be you?

Energised & Fulfilled?


I learned that having work and life in a balance that nourishes and energises you is not about jumping off a cliff into a new career. 


By combining a science-led, yet spiritual approach to crystallising your values and ambitions with a design-led approach to delivering it you can smoothly transition to having work and life in balance rather than conflict. 


Imagine this - you get up in the morning, excited to work. It doesn’t feel like work, so it just flows out of you.


You know exactly where you’re headed so saying no is & making decisions is super easy. You’re excited and energised so you end the day bubbling with excitement for the next.


You’re so proud of what you do that shining publicly comes naturally. Building connections & supporters is second nature.

You speak your mind in the moment because every action is driven by absolute clarity on your values and how your work supports them. You feel relaxed about the future so you can fully enjoy your downtime with family and friends. 

Work and life in a balance that nourishes you, with a stretch that generates energy rather than drains it. 

Sounds good right?

What Clients Say

“FIVE STARS; my sessions with Claire were incredibly clarifying & grounding. She was able to pick up on disparate threads of thought, tease out their meanings, & weave them back together in a way that helped me make sense of my own thinking. I highly recommend her to anyone sorting through their priorities & strategies”


Ailin, Founder & Theatre Director

“Being coached by Claire has been incredible for both my business and my personal life. She has helped me to really dig deep and facilitated so many insights. I always leave every session with more clarity, energy and clear actions. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone looking to take their business or personal life to the next level.”


Joel, Founder, Nutrifix

“Claire's approach affected change not just professionally, I got the progression I was looking for, but on a deeply personal level too. Claire herself is a delight; intelligent, insightful and authentic. This brings an added bonus to an already valuable process. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Claire!”


Laura, Communications Director

About Me

Claire Osborne, ICF Coach

In a previous life, I won awards for my creative work but I was on a treadmill, constantly seeking the next accolade.Today my professional & personal exploits nourish & energise me in equal measure.

I’ve designed my life & work by understanding what motivates me, seeking absolute clarity on my direction & using that to power decisive action. 


I'm here to help you do the same.