Helping Creative Experts design their direction & get off the treadmill

Work & life in a balance that energises you

Design Your Direction

A science-led, yet spiritual approach to quickly crystallising your direction & a design-led approach to smoothly transitioning to work & life in balance

Career & life change should not be about jumping off a cliff. Quite the opposite. You can smoothly transition into having work & life in balance rather than conflict. 

With absolute clarity of direction, you’ll bring purpose & joy to your work. You'll move through life with ease, delivering decisively when you’re on & truly relaxing when you’re off. 

We'll create:​


Powerful Perspective

You can only start from where you are so we’ll get real, doing an audit of where you’re at right now & unpacking the patterns of thinking & doing that have kept you stuck so far. 


Without this, you’ll remain hamstrung by old patterns of behaviour & get stuck switching between directions that aren’t in line with your true values.

Instead you'll have cleared the decks & have a powerful platform to work from.

Instinctive Insight


We’ll amplify your instincts to create a visceral image of where you’re headed, spotting the signals & strengthening them until they’re a rock solid core, a fast feedback loop guiding your actions. 


You’ll have absolute clarity on your direction. Whether it's to defend your boundaries or promote your ideas, you’ll use your intuition to act (or not act!) in the moment without a jot of second guessing. 


Easy Daring

As someone who’s already achieved a lot, you’ll know that the underlying skill to getting off the treadmill is to be comfortable outside the comfort zone, whether that's daring to slowing down or to take bold action.


Create lasting change by crafting an identity & a voice that supports you. With self acceptance & self awareness, you’ll create the right kind of stretch, a stretch that generates energy rather than drains it. A stretch defined by you.

Lets find out if we're a good fit 

What Clients Say

“FIVE STARS; my sessions with Claire were incredibly clarifying & grounding. She was able to pick up on disparate threads of thought, tease out their meanings, & weave them back together in a way that helped me make sense of my own thinking. I highly recommend her to anyone sorting through their priorities & strategies”


Ailin, Founder & Theatre Director

“Being coached by Claire has been incredible for both my business and my personal life. She has helped me to really dig deep and facilitated so many insights. I always leave every session with more clarity, energy and clear actions. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone looking to take their business or personal life to the next level.”


Joel, Founder, Nutrifix

“Claire's approach affected change not just professionally, I got the progression I was looking for, but on a deeply personal level too. Claire herself is a delight; intelligent, insightful and authentic. This brings an added bonus to an already valuable process. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Claire!”


Laura, Communications Director

About Me

Claire Osborne, ICF Coach

In a previous life, I won awards for my creative work but I was on a treadmill, constantly seeking the next accolade.Today my professional & personal exploits nourish & energise me in equal measure.

I’ve designed by life & work by understanding what motivates me, seeking absolute clarity on my direction & using that to power decisive action. 


I'm here to help you do the same.